Emiliano to general practitioners of BAT: “Thank you for everything”

The president of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano and the councilor for health Pier Luigi Lopalco met today, by videoconference, the general practitioners of the Bat, of Lecce and of Brindisi in the course of three separate meetings. About three hundred participants.

All three were very positive encounters.

«Thank you for all you have done during this terrible year – said Emiliano turning to the doctors – without you it would have been very hard to follow our fellow citizens. You have followed them from the initial phase of the pandemic until today, so my gratitude to you is enormous. The vaccination campaign of Puglia also and above all walks on your legs, on the legs of 4000 general practitioners. If there are problems, they must be addressed, because right now we need to fight together. To accelerate the vaccination campaign, the fundamental contribution, diagnostic and proximity, of general practitioners who better than us recognize the frailties of their patients is needed. An intense effort is also needed for home vaccinations where expectations must be absolutely met. This is the time to be in tune, to weld the whole system of territorial medicine to the rest of the health system, that is, both to the hospitals and to the local health authorities. It is necessary to clear the distances with the ASL and to adjust day by day everything that prevents us from giving answers to our fellow citizens. I would like to hold discussion meetings with you, even a couple of times a week, and through permanent monitoring, to be able to work out an exchange between us to make quick decisions. It is clear that we are in a phase in which we have to plan everything, but the rules of battle apply. That is, those who have more energy must be supported by the ASL and must be put in a position to do more than expected. What matters – concluded Emiliano – is not to keep the doses in the refrigerator, you have to use them all. Please, empty the refrigerators and vaccinate everyone, with priority of course for the frail ».

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For the regional councilor for health, Pierluigi Lopalco, “the agreement is now in full swing and the contribution to the GP’s vaccination campaign is fundamental”.

«We must be united – said Lopalco – and always remember that the patient we vaccinate is a patient whose life we ​​save. Yours is a fundamental contribution in the vaccination campaign which unfortunately had a bottleneck, represented by the lack of vaccines, in particular the Moderna, taking into account – the commissioner specified – that GPs can also request and use Astrazeneca or Pfizer. This possibility of requesting different vaccines will be greatly facilitated, through Edotto, by the distribution methods entrusted to local pharmacies. In addition, general practitioners can also consider the hypothesis of using, instead of their own professional offices, the various hubs available in the area, upon reservation. And anyway – concluded Lopalco – vaccinate as much as possible, vaccinate everyone and de-bureaucratize the vaccination, in the sense that you are the doctors then vaccinate whoever you think needs it most. It is an invitation that I want to make to doctors because, I repeat, every vaccine saves a life ».

The general managers of Asl Bt Alessandro delle Donne participated (in addition to explaining the technical and operational details regarding the procurement of vaccines and registration on the system, it has renewed the availability of the entire health system in favor of general practitioners, whose reference in the area are the district directors), of the Asl of Lecce Rodolfo Rollo (drew attention to family pediatricians whose role of dialogue with families is fundamental, also as a support to vaccination activities within the hub structures) and the Asl of Brindisi Giuseppe Pasqualone (the goal is to close vaccinations over 80 and all categories of the frail by Sunday in order to leave on Monday 12 with the other categories).

The presidents of the Order of Doctors of the BT Dino Del Vecchio (the problem was the lack of communication so this comparison is welcome. We ask for clarity and to know the timing of our interventions well. We need to tune the car. If we are aware of the availability of the vaccine, we can plan. Our availability is always there), of Lecce Donato De Giorgi (the doctors are there, for an ethical reason, and they are ready to leave despite the lack of communication and organization, in addition to the insufficient number of vaccines available. We would like to have more dignity and more recognition as doctors) and, from Brindisi, the FIMMG Puglia Secretary General Donato Monopoli (difficulty in obtaining vaccine doses vaccination events while Lopalco’s invitation to de-bureaucratize the vaccine is welcome).

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