Ella Leyers: “I rarely wear pants at home” (video)

James Cooke has again succeeded in spontaneously putting a BV ‘on the grid’.

On Julie Vermeire This time it was Ella Leyers’ turn to lie in bed next to James during ‘Gert Late Night’.

Ella talks candidly about the Leyers clan, love and children. “What I think is a shame is that I am not a young mommy,” she says on the latter subject. “I always had the plan to have a large family,” she continues.

Bit bisexual?

When asked whether she is a ‘bit bisexual’, Leyers does not give an unambiguous answer. “I have really felt a deeper something for a girl”, it sounds. “Wow, that is much more special or in a different way than how I look at my other friends,” she thought at the time.

At the start of the video below, Ella immediately falls straight to the point. “Aren’t you taking off your pants?” She asks James. “Ella, so direct,” Cooke replies. “I always do that at home, take off my pants. Just when I walk around at home. I rarely wear pants then ”, admits Ella. Watch:

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