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Eleven First Ladies to take part in summit initiated by Zelenskaya – MFA / GORDON

The summit will take place on 23 August. The Foreign Ministry noted that it was initiated by the first lady of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya.

“First ladies and gentlemen do not have political power, but they can draw attention to topical humanitarian issues at the highest level. Until now, there has not been a single international platform where we could communicate on a regular basis, exchanging the experience of our countries. as a summit of first ladies and gentlemen, Ukraine sets a new trend for the whole world. We plan that such summits will become annual. This will allow the participants to discuss and influence the solution of pressing problems “, – quotes Zelenskaya press service of the president.

As of August 20, 11 first ladies from Brazil, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, as well as the wife of the President of the European Council and the first lady of Ukraine, have confirmed their participation in the summit. Some of them will take part in an online format.

“We have found a very important niche. After all, first ladies and gentlemen are, in fact, influencers of the political world. These are people who have sufficient authority to implement“ soft power ”social projects that are important for society and overcome existing problems. possible exchange of experience between the first ladies and gentlemen, unite them around common projects and strengthen each other, “said Kuleba.

The minister informed that the summit will also be attended by over 20 participants, including the leadership of the World Health Organization, UN Women, as well as leading experts and opinion leaders. According to him, this is not a definitive list.

“This is a famous thinker, author of the book” Black Swan “Nassim Nicholas Taleb and world famous Afghan film director Sahra Karimi, who was evacuated by the Ukrainian state together with her family from Afghanistan, where she was in danger, after dramatic events,” the press service said.


On August 2 at the forum “Ukraine 30. Image of Ukraine” Zelenskaya said that in Kiev on August 23, on the eve of Independence Day, the summit of first ladies and gentlemen will be held “Soft power in a new reality”.

“We do not hide our ambitions. We know that so far no one has created such summits. But we know that we have the energy and inspiration not only to be in the context of world humanitarian events, but also to become successful trend setters. We are opening a new page in the history of soft power diplomacy. And it will forever remain written in the Ukrainian language, “Zelenskaya said.

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