Electricity and Gas users, beware of the doorbell scam

Electricity and Gas users, beware of the doorbell scam. It is one of the most common ways to trick citizens into signing contracts that increase the price of supplies.

The scams against citizens on electricity and gas continue. Although consumers are increasingly careful to recognize this type of scam, unfortunately it is a phenomenon that continues to claim victims. This is why it becomes more and more important for citizens, learn to recognize this kind of fraud.

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Electricity and gas scams: the doorbell deception

One of the most common is called “Doorbell scam”. The system works in the following way: a person shows up at the victim’s home informing them that they have arrived there to check the utilities. At that point, once he has obtained permission to enter the house, he begins to charm the victim by promising him huge savings on the bill.

All you need to do is sign a new contract. Naturally, the citizen is assured that this is not binding in any way. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel when you want and go back to your old supplier.

The problem is that this is not the case at all and once the new contract has been signed, the unfortunate person finds himself with a new supply with higher prices than the previous one and that he has no way to withdraw.

To defend against this type of scam, consumers must first understand that gas and electricity supply companies they never send people to propose new contracts without giving prior announcement to citizens. For this reason, we must always be wary of those who suddenly show up in our home with an excuse like that of checking the regularity of the users and then subsequently offering us new contracts at advantageous prices.

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