Renault reveals the future of Mégane, it will be an electric crossover

For the Renault brand, the Mégane has been a staple in the compact car market for many years. He has always been a hatchback and station wagon, sometimes a convertible, coupe or sedan. A few months ago, there was speculation about him sacrifice on the altar of electromobility, but hopefully it won’t be as hot as the eVision concept the carmaker has unveiled proves.

Renault Mégane eVision

Photo: Renault

The body is still essentially a five-door hatchback, but it gives an increased impression; what the ground clearance is is not known, and in the end it is not so important in today’s concept of crossovers, when most of them never leave the asphalt anyway.

The concept retains the bulging sides of the rear wheels and also the front lighting roughly sticks to the shapes of the lamps of contemporary conventional mixer, which has recently undergone modernization. However, we see that the bow shines across its entire width, including the logo frame.

The production version is due in 2021; Whether it will have fully recessed handles and cameras instead of mirrors, as a concept, we can only speculate. But the sides of eVision are so smooth and very elegant.

Renault Mégane eVision

Photo: Renault

The carmaker also talked about technology – the car has a 60kWh battery, but we do not know the specific range. According to the carmaker, eVision should be able to drive from London to Newcastle, ie about 450 kilometers, “in the same time as a vehicle with conventional propulsion, including stops”.

The front axle is driven by an electric motor with 160 kW and 300 newton meters, which is enough to accelerate to a hundred in less than eight seconds. It is part of the new CMF-EV modular platform, which will be used in the future by a number of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance cars.

CMF-EV electrical platform

Photo: Renault

The platform features a small space for an electric motor under the front hood, as the electric drive does not require as much space, and wheels pushed into the corners of the body. The faucet is of course in the floor. There was no mention of possible all-wheel drive.

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