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El fichaje de David Broncano provoca “el mayor cisma” en RTVE desde hace aos: “Ahora se puede aprobar lo que les venga en gana”

l shed light on the implications ‍of the contract ‍between La Resistencia and RTVE, focusing on the potential risks and benefits for both parties involved. The article ⁤will delve into ⁣the⁤ impact of the contract on the ​programming schedule of RTVE, as well as the creative freedom granted to​ David Broncano and his production team. It will also explore the financial aspects of ‌the deal, analyzing the cost of the contract and its significance​ within the television industry.

The article will propose alternative solutions for RTVE to mitigate the risks associated with⁢ the contract, such as ​renegotiating the terms to ensure ⁤a more balanced agreement that benefits both parties. It ​will also suggest ways‍ for RTVE to⁣ leverage the popularity of La Resistencia​ to attract a⁤ wider audience and increase its competitiveness in the television market.

Furthermore, the article will discuss the role of public television ⁣in supporting innovative and ⁤creative​ content, highlighting the importance of maintaining editorial control⁤ while allowing for artistic​ freedom. It will emphasize the need for transparency and accountability in the production process, ensuring that the ⁤content meets ⁣the standards set by RTVE.

Overall, the article⁤ will provide a critical ⁣analysis ⁤of the⁣ contract between La Resistencia and RTVE, offering ​insights into the challenges and opportunities it presents for​ both parties. It will aim to spark a⁤ conversation about the future of public television and⁤ the role of creative programming in shaping the media landscape.

The High ⁤Cost of⁣ Television Contracts:⁤ A Closer Look at ⁤the Deal​ with La ⁣Resistencia

In the world of television, contracts can make or break a show. The recent deal between La Resistencia⁢ and RTVE has ‌raised eyebrows and sparked ⁣debate about the true cost of ⁣bringing a popular program to ​the public broadcaster. With a hefty price tag of 28 million euros for two seasons,⁢ the stakes are high for both parties involved.

A Risky Gamble

When La Resistencia first premiered, it was hailed as a bold move to give La 1 a⁤ competitive edge against private⁣ television networks. However, as the show ​struggled to meet audience expectations,⁤ the ⁣terms of the contract‌ came into question. The clause stating that if the show ⁣does​ not reach a 7.5% average viewership ‍in the second season, it may‍ be moved to a ⁤late-night slot or face other ‍changes, puts pressure on both ​the program and RTVE.

The Price of Creative Freedom

While the contract grants David Broncano and the production companies behind ⁢La Resistencia creative freedom, ‌it also raises concerns about ‍the level of ⁢control RTVE has over the content. With only the RTVE Style ⁣Manual as a ‌guideline,⁢ the broadcaster may⁣ find itself in a precarious position if the show’s content strays too far from its standards. Balancing creative ⁤freedom with editorial oversight is a delicate dance that both​ parties​ must navigate carefully.

A Way Forward

As the debate over ‌the La Resistencia contract continues, ⁣it is clear that a new approach is needed to ensure the success ‍of both the show and RTVE. By‌ fostering a collaborative relationship between‍ the production team and the broadcaster, a more sustainable and mutually beneficial agreement can be reached. This could⁣ involve regular check-ins, open communication, and a willingness to adapt to changing⁤ circumstances.

Ultimately,​ the success of La Resistencia and‌ its⁤ impact ​on RTVE will ​depend ⁤on how well both parties can work together to overcome the challenges they face. ‍By⁣ reevaluating the terms of the contract and finding common ​ground, a brighter future for the show and the ⁢broadcaster can be achieved.

The High Cost of Television Contracts: A Closer ‌Look⁣ at the Deal with La Resistencia

In the world of television, contracts can make‌ or break a ⁢show. The recent deal between La Resistencia and RTVE has raised eyebrows and sparked debate about the true cost of entertainment. With ‌a ⁣hefty price tag of 28 million euros for two seasons, the pressure ⁢is on for ⁣the show to deliver⁣ high ratings or face ​the consequences.

A ⁣Risky Gamble

When David⁣ Broncano was first brought on board, it was seen as a bold move to ‍boost La 1’s competitiveness against private television networks. However, the terms of⁤ the contract have ​left RTVE in a precarious position. The clause stating that if La Resistencia fails to reach a 7.5% audience share, the show ‌may be moved to a late-night slot or face other changes, puts additional strain on the network.

The Price of Creative Freedom

While the contract grants David Broncano and the production companies creative freedom, it also raises concerns about oversight and control‍ of content. RTVE must balance ‌allowing​ artistic expression with ensuring that the content aligns‍ with their standards. The line between ⁤creative freedom and‍ responsibility is a fine one, especially ⁤when public funds are involved.

A Way Forward

As ⁣the debate rages on, ⁤it’s clear⁤ that a new ‍approach ⁤is needed. Perhaps a more collaborative partnership between La Resistencia and RTVE could lead to better outcomes for both parties. By working together to find innovative solutions and ideas, they can navigate the challenges of the television landscape while staying true to their creative vision.

“The high cost ‍of television ‍contracts should not come at the expense of quality content ⁢and responsible‍ stewardship of public funds.”⁢ – Anonymous

Ultimately, the success ​of La Resistencia will depend on more than just⁢ ratings. It will require a careful balance⁤ of creativity, accountability, and collaboration to ensure that‌ both the show and RTVE thrive ⁢in ‌the ever-evolving world of television.

strong> 13.631.000 euros por temporada.

En cuanto a⁤ la publicidad, el contrato establece que RTVE⁢ se reserva el derecho de ‌emitir publicidad en⁢ el programa, aunque no⁢ se especifica si esta publicidad ser exclusiva de la Corporacin o si se permitir la ‌insercin de publicidad externa. Adems, ⁤se establece que La Resistencia deber incluir en sus crditos el logo de RTVE y el de la ⁤productora, as como el mensaje Producido por RTVE en colaboracin con El ⁤Terrat.

En resumen, el contrato de La⁤ Resistencia en RTVE ha sido aprobado con todas ⁢las anomalas nunca vistas‌ antes ⁤en un contrato en RTVE ni en ⁢ninguna televisin generalista.⁣ Un contrato que deja a RTVE atada de pies y manos durante un ao y medio, sin posibilidad de ‌cancelar el programa si no cumple con los objetivos⁣ marcados. Queda por ver si‍ la⁤ apuesta a ciegas⁤ por La Resistencia vale la ⁢pena ​y si el programa logra⁣ mantenerse en‍ antena⁢ durante las dos temporadas establecidas.

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