Eh dislodged … Parts of the engine of the Boeing 747 plane fall on the houses of the residents


Brukkk … The sound of an object falling very loudly frightened the residents of the city of Liege, Belgium. Apparently, there is a part of an airplane engine Boeing 747 that fell on people’s houses.

The accident occurred at the beginning of September, Thursday (8/9) to be exact. Parts of the aircraft engine Boeing 747 fell from the sky and hit the garage and garden of the home of Louis Demaret and his wife Domenica.

“We were in our room and we heard the sound of a plane flying over our house at low altitude. After the plane passed, a very loud sound came out,” Demaret told French media, 7sur7 quoted by AP, Wednesday (21/9/2022). ).


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The part of the plane’s engine that fell on Demaret’s house obviously caused a lot of damage. Fortunately, the engine debris did not cause any casualties or injuries to the Demaret family.

“I thought it was a hurricane and we couldn’t see anything from the window. That was all that happened that morning, until we realized the aircraft engine debris and the damage it caused,” Demaret said.

Investigate, apparently the engine debris that hit Demaret’s house came from the plane Boeing 747 belonging to Air Atlanta Icelandic taking off from Liège airport in Belgium.

The plane was operated by Magma Aviation with final destination in Malta. Debris from the plane’s engine damaged parts of Demaret’s garage and garden.

“I was lucky enough to escape. If the debris fell and hit the roof of the house, I would have died in bed,” Demaret said.

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Although the engine part of the plane has been moved, but Boeing 747 managed to land safely in Malta. An investigation is underway by the relevant authorities to find out if there was an element of intention in this incident.

Falling aircraft engine accidents hitting people’s homes are quite rare. The latest incident occurred in February 2021 when a United Airlines Boeing 777 made an emergency landing because its engine caught fire. At that time, debris or debris from the aircraft engine fell on the home of a Denver resident.

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