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Egyptian Musician Helmy Bakr’s Poor Health After Money Seizure

The great Egyptian musician Helmy lies inside his house in poor health, after being exposed to a large sum of money.

Samah Al-Qurashi, the wife of musician Helmi Bakr, revealed in interviews to local media the developments in his health condition, saying that he has been suffering for days from a complete cessation of movement in his legs.

She also indicated that he does not have any mental problem or problem with speaking, explaining that he still remembers everything around him, and speaks about art with his full mental faculties, stressing that this happened to him as a result of his shock after his business manager seized his money, which is estimated at 2 million and 280 million. Thousand pounds.

She stated that actress Nadia Mostafa and Dr. Atef Imam are keen to visit him and check on him, noting that they are searching for a good doctor and transferring him to a physical therapy hospital if he needs that.

The musician Helmy Bakr’s lawyer accused his former business manager of fraud and seizing the amount of 2 million and 280 thousand pounds, after tricking him into depositing the money in a bank to link it to an 18% certificate.

A source within the Musical Professions Syndicate said that Bakr was being treated at home after his condition was monitored by senior doctors in Kasr Al-Aini, pointing out that he refused to be transferred to a hospital after the union intervened, due to the deterioration of his health condition. (Arabic)

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