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Dallas ∙ In the state of Texas in general and in Dallas in particular, the price of chicken eggs is soaring. Despite the significant increase in the prices of all the daily necessities, the jump in the price of eggs is in stark contrast. A dozen eggs (12) cost less than a dollar a month ago, but now (January 19) the price of a dozen eggs has risen to $5.22.

At the same time, officials revealed that those who illegally bring eggs across the border from Mexico will be fined. They also said that a fine of up to 10,000 dollars will be imposed. San Diego Field Operations Director of Customs and Board Protection, Jennifer Dilla O, said illegal egg smuggling has been noticed.

In the Mexican border areas, a dozen eggs cost only $3. But if you cross the border and reach the United States, you can get up to 8 dollars for a dozen eggs in the mini market. According to the US government’s Consumer Price Index, eggs rose from $1.93 per dozen in January 2022 to $4.25 in December.

Avian flu has killed millions of egg-laying hens, the main reason for the rise in egg prices. In 2022, 57.8 million chickens will be killed due to aerial flu.

English Summary : The price of chicken eggs continue to soar  in the state of Texas

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