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Eendracht Aalst continues with victory in the First National Women – Football News

In the first national event of women’s football it was already time for a new match day. With again a lot of goals in various matches. The title debate is already over. Westerlo did not play this weekend and was allowed to enjoy his title.

After this weekend, there are only two more matchdays left to play for most teams, although there are still teams here and there that still have a match to catch up on. Westerlo, for its part, was free last weekend.

Westerlo has been certain of the title of First National for some time now

But they are now certain of the title, because the gap with Aalst had now become sixteen points. The Onions have now done something in return and therefore remain a very solid second in the rankings.

Eendracht Aalst went to Ghent for an East Flemish derby for its match day this weekend. And it was eventually won 1-2. Stephanie Suenens and Sheila Broos scored for the Onions, but Hannah Everaert’s save came too late.

Tough 5-0 for Westerlo against Club Liège

Moldavo had already lost a spectacular match 5-4 at Alken in midweek and must therefore more than likely be satisfied with third place in the standings. And there are even more winners from last weekend.

Club Luik, Tienen, Famkes Merkem and Club Brugge B are also among the winners of the weekend. In this way, the battle at the bottom also remains exciting, because Club Liège also has a chance to save itself again.

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