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Edgars Pujāts’ mono-performance ‘That’s All’ will have its premiere in Liepaja

In the Liepāja Concert Hall “Lielais dzintars”, where the small hall of the Liepāja Theater is currently located, on November 16 and 17, the premiere of the actor Edgars Pujāts’ mono-performance “That’s All”, staged by his colleague, actor Mārtiņš Kalita. He is also the author of the visual image of the show.

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According to Zanda Borg, a spokeswoman for the theater, this is the first mono-performance for Edgar Pujat, as well as one of the heaviest and most complex roles in his actor’s life. The pandemic is also a challenge, due to which the premiere has been postponed several times (work on it started a year ago), but in the end the production will also meet the audience.

“That’s all” is a monologue about loneliness, which announces the intrigue of the play with the first sentence: “Now I will count to a thousand and…” The main character has had everything – success, fame, honor, freedom of choice and love affairs. So why does he feel so emptied internally? Why so lonely? Actor Edgar Pujat The show will invite viewers to look inside themselves – do I live the life I want?

“While working on this show, I wanted to quit my job more than once. consumption, so long in preparation for the premiere, and I really hope that finally, together with the audience, I will be able to count up to a thousand, trying to come to the real truth and meaning of life, “says Edgar Pujat about the work on the show.

Until now, Mārtiņš Kalita has directed several concert performances and award ceremonies, as well as is currently supplementing his knowledge by studying at the Latvian Academy of Culture – in the program “Audiovisual and Performing Arts”, but this is his first dramatic theater performance. “Edgar Pujat is an extremely strong actor who has long deserved such a role. It is a great honor for me to tell this story with him,” he says of the show.

The light score for the show was created by Mārtiņš Feldmanis, and the play was translated from German by Ingus Liniņš.

Zanda Borg reminds that it is possible to visit the theater in person only for those spectators who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, as well as for those spectators who have become ill with Covid-19. Upon arrival at the theater, spectators will be required to present an entrance ticket with a valid passport or ID card and a Covid-19 certificate. The entrance ticket will be valid only together with the said certificate and identity document. Both in the theater and throughout the show, the audience must use the mask properly, covering both the nose and the mouth.

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