Nancy’s side “Illegal photographers and distributors will be punished in civil and criminal cases without prejudice”

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While Nancy of the group Momoland was damaged by illegal filming and distribution, the agency warned that “I will punish illegal photographers and spreaders without prejudice.”

On the 15th, MLD Entertainment, the agency of Momoland, said, “We recently told online and social network services (SNS) that we are taking strong legal action against the distribution of illegally manipulated photos related to our artist Nancy.” “We are actively cooperating with the investigation by the Cyber ​​Investigation Unit of the Southern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency.”

“We plan to carry out civil and criminal penalties without prior preemption and agreement on all the first and second distributors, including illegal photographers.” “To protect our artists, we will actively cooperate with the investigation and make every effort to prevent further damage through self-monitoring. Will be tilted”.

In addition, he asked for help, saying, “If you find a related illegal post, you will be grateful if you capture the publisher’s account and post together and report it to MLD Entertainment in PDF file format.” Lastly, the agency greeted, “Thank you to the fans who always love and support our artists, and we will do our best to protect the personality and rights of the artists in the future.” On the 11th, MLD Entertainment announced on the 11th that Nancy’s illegally manipulated photos are being circulated. At the time, the agency said, “Recently, illegally manipulated photos related to our artist Nancy are circulating online and on social media.” Nancy is a victim of voyeurs and composite photos, and the person who should be protected first is Nancy All, we hope to cooperate with you with a regretful heart.

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“Nancy is currently suffering from great emotional pain,” he said. “I hope that he will no longer inflict an artist with malicious posts.”

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