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“Eddie Munson from Stranger Things to have his own prequel: The Crawl”

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The last season of Stranger Things left one of the characters most loved by fans. It was Eddie Munson, who sacrificed himself to be able to defeat Vecna ​​and had several scenes that he stood out with, such as playing ‘Master of Puppets’ on guitar.

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Many fans were saddened by how Eddie’s story ended on the show and were even asking for him to be brought back in the final season. Although it is not yet known if he will make an appearance, it has been confirmed that he will have his own prequel.

EW assured that the story will be told by the hand of the writer Caitlin Schnneiderhan and also revealed the promotional image. The story will tell Eddie’s life a few years before what happened in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

In the prequel synopsis it is appreciated that Eddie wants to make his way into music and get out of Hawkins. On this way, he meets a woman who achieved exactly what he wanted and to achieve it he is going to trust his father.

Since the character became popular, all the fans related to rock and even received the endorsement of Metallica. In the last episode, Eddie became legendary playing ‘Master of Puppets’ and the band didn’t let this go unnoticed.

The band talked about the moment, they invited Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie, to play with them and even, on Halloween, James Hetfield dressed up as the character.

Now, fans think that, the character will return for the lyrics of ‘Master of Puppets’, the song that made him legendary in the series. ANDn one part, the theme says “Come crawling faster”, which translates “come crawling fast”.

But, the theory started because they already revealed the name of the first episode of the fifth season of the series and it will be called ‘The Crawl’, because of this detail, relating it to the series and the reception that the character had, people think that Eddie will return.

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