Economy – Back to the future for the Renault 5! – Small Posters of the Alpes-Maritimes

To address a clientele of “quinqua-sexa” having a few means by playing on the nostalgia effect: after VW which opened the ball with its New Beetle which is a revisited “Beetle”; after Fiat which has succeeded a real blow with its cute “500” which has nothing to do with the original ass, here is that Renault in turn wants to surf on the sympathy capital of an old model.

From the first generation Renault 5 in this case, which was the queen of the city in the 70s and 80s, when Michel Sardou’s hits and disco were on the radio.

Long remained at the head of sales, even when it was largely outdated technically, the Renault 5 has in the families a large capital of sympathy. A nice face, a simple and reliable mechanism, it was a recipe for success. So much so that when it came to replacing it, the diamond mark did not dare to split the armor. She presented a… Super 5 which took all the codes of the old model, a copy and paste without imagination.

But if today Renault looks back on its recent history, it’s not just to please your brother-in-law who was swaying his hips on Saturday Night Fever. Its new general manager, Luca de Meo, who has just taken the wheel of the company, has just announced the launch of new models: a 100% electric Megane, a coupe SUV already available in Russia that looks similar to the BMW X4, and a new Kangoo , another sure value from the manufacturer. And more electric models including a Twingo and a new Twizy. But also, you guessed it, a new “5” and maybe even a 4L.

Making new with old, nothing to scare the new boss of Renault since it was he who launched the new “Fiat 500” when he was at the helm of the Italian manufacturer.

Back to the future in a way. At this rate, when will a new Juva 4 or Dauphine be expected?

Photo of Une: Frankly, she’s not nice the ancestor? DR. Van der Maar.


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