La Cité-de-la-Santé opens new COVID beds

The Cité-de-la-Santé hospital will make more room for patients with COVID-19 within its walls.

The directive was issued earlier this week, we are told, by the Ministry of Health. The addition of beds, called “red beds”, will lead to a reorganization in some care units.

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The CISSS de Laval also indicates that since January 4, operating activities have been reduced in five rooms rather than 11. The operating room is open 24 hours a day as usual, but in the evening and at night, we only operate emergencies.

“The new rules that have been transmitted to us indicate that in addition to the 15 red beds in intensive care, the Cité-de-la-santé Hospital must open 60 red beds within its walls. This is the equivalent of three complete units that will have to be closed and converted, ”explains Jean-François Houle, Syndicat des Travailleurs CISSS de Laval-CSN.

The union is also worried about other patients.

“We find that a little worrying because we are afraid of running out of space for regular patients. I repeat, by adding 60 red beds, these are three units that will be closed. We will not be able to put regular patients in these departments because the red stays with the red and the green with the green. For Mr. and Mrs. Everyone, there will be much less beds available at the hospital, ”says Mr. Houle.

Remember that Laval is the fourth region in Quebec, since the start of the pandemic, the most affected by COVID with an assessment as of today of 165 new cases for a total of 19,704 since last March.


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