Echo Country: Forget the Stars Al-Montaser’s wife, God, appeals to his friends, artists, to visit him .. Details

Aziza Kassab, the wife of the victorious artist in God, said that he is in good health and spend all his time with his grandchildren, explaining that he is happy in his life.

Kassab added during the “Today Every Day” program, presented by “Basma Wahba”, that a number of stars are always in contact with them, such as Shweikar, Nadia Lutfi, and Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, noting that his fellow actors never visit him.

Kassab confirmed that Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the actors, talks with her husband over the phone and reassures him from day to day, and she appealed to his friends Ahmed Badir, Salah Abdullah and Ahmed Adam to visit him for the sake of his psychological well-being.

Whoever answered her, Wahba said to the victor in God: “We love you and you have been enjoying our possessions for many years. Thank you.”

Mrs. Aziza, the wife of the victorious artist in God, expressed her deep sorrow over her husband’s illness, and his lack of appreciation despite his long technical career, noting that there were ignors from the great artists who worked with him.

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