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What to do to maintain gut health? Huang Yuchun, a colorectal doctor at Tai’an Hospital, said that the gut is the second brain in the human body and that taking care of the gut can promote brain health. consuming enough dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, Omega-3, etc., regulate the intestinal immune function and maintain the integrity of the mucous membrane.

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Huang Yuchun pointed out that the total number of bacteria in the gut is more than 10 times the total number of human cells, and the gut microbiota is a very complex ecosystem.The total number of genes in these microorganisms is 100 times higher than the total number of genes in the human body. If the bacteria in the gut are classified, they can be roughly divided into “probiotics” (good bacteria), “harmful bacteria” (bad bacteria) and “opportunistic bacteria”. The more good bacteria there are, the healthier the gut is; the more bad bacteria there are, the more imbalanced the intestinal bacteria and the more likely symptoms of intestinal discomfort are manifested.

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Although the brain is like a computer’s CPU in everyday life, it controls organs and tissues in various parts of the body; however, the gut located in the stomach and the brain influence each other along the “brain-gut axis”, so the brain gut bacteria are closely related. Gut balance affects brain health and brain health. emotional performance, so more and more scientists have proposed that “the gut is the second brain of the human body” and maintaining gut health can promote brain health!

4 nutrients for gut health

As for how to maintain gut health? Huang Yuchun believes that adequate dietary fiber is the critical first step in maintaining gut health, and four main nutrients can be supplemented to help maintain gut health.

1. Vitamin A

It can maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, and it is recommended to take it from carrots, spinach, spinach, canola, pumpkin, salmon, animal liver, etc.

2. Vitamin D

It can regulate intestinal immune function and more salmon, black mushroom, egg, milk, dried mushroom, etc. can be added.

3. Zinc

Zinc plays an important role in the development of immune cells and maintains the integrity of intestinal cells.It can be supplemented by oysters, meat, spinach, pumpkin seeds, etc.


Omega-3s are very useful as anti-inflammatories and can maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria.It is recommended to eat more salmon, milk and dairy products, nuts, soybeans, broccoli, flax seeds, etc.

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◎ Source /Dr. Huang Yuchun

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Eating the right foods can feed your gut with probiotics!  4 main nutrients for maintaining intestinal health: Pumpkin, salmon, soy should be eaten

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