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Eating Purple Foods: Boost Your Memory and Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

Some foods that have a particular color can help you memorize better. Let’s find out which ones we are talking about and why.

Our brain is particularly sensitive to some colors which could even give us benefits from a memory point of view. In fact, there are some foods of a particular color that could help us.

If you eat foods of these colors you could have benefits – Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

In recent years there have been several studies that have revealed the link between colors and memory. While the perception of a color can vary from person to person there is some scientific evidence and theories that highlight how some colors can positively influence the way we memorize things. At the same time it is also important to underline that this could all be subjective and above all it depends on some individual factors.

There are various reasons and motives that lead to these studies. According to some, in fact, biological factors can influence functions. For example, according to researchers, blue is often considered calming and can stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone linked to sleep and rest. Whereas bright colors may have an effect on your mood, improving it and giving more energy. Now, however, some experts have highlighted how foods of this color help you memorize.

Foods of this color help you memorize: you absolutely must eat them

According to the latest studies, it seems that colors can also help us in everyday life. Starting from those that could reactivate us during a tiring day, such as the lively ones, up to those that stimulate sleep and relaxation, such as blue. Now, however, a particular color of food has emerged that could help all of us’s memory. In detail ad help memorize should be the color purple.

The purple of aubergines can help memory – Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

The TikTok profile of @heimi.saluteeprevenzione, which boasts over 800 thousand followers, revealed it. According to researchers, in fact, if you eat some purple-colored foods, such as eggplant, blueberries or cabbage, it is possible to deliver molecules to the brain that could help you memorize everything more easily. But above all the greatest benefit is the reduction of the risk of Alzheimer’s (Antho-cyani).

While some red foods can cause your body to get a molecule that is able to reduce the risk of tumors (lycopene). White foods, such as garlic or onion, allow the body to accumulate antibacterial molecules that help defend it from all infections (allicins).

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