Easyjet will fly from the region of Rotterdam, the netherlands the Airport to re-open THE

You can choose several airlines will resume from Thursday, the flights coming from the region, which is also in Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (RTHA) in use for regular traffic. The Rotterdam airport is the commercial airport since the end of march to completely come to a halt.

Anything before 8.00 o’clock in the morning, the first flight, from what is popularly known as Zestienhoven) is called. It was going to be a trip to the Portuguese in Faro. Easyjet also flies from Eindhoven Airport, but this airport has commercial flights will not at all.

WizzAir and Ryanair are to continue to fly, but it will be quite a bit more crowded in the air a couple of flights with Easyjet on a per-day present. On the RTHA has been the air navigation service provider in the past year, however, operational, preserved. The airport continued to be available for uitwijkende aircraft and corporate jets.

In Rotterdam there are new rules to combat the spread of the corona virus from entering the system. Thus, there is a lining attached to a 1.5 m distance, to ensure there are mud guards at the check-in counter.


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