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GBWhatsApp. Using WhatsApp GB, Sedulur can read messages that have been deleted. Photo: IST

KURUSETRA — Greetings Sedulur… There are many reasons why many netizens, especially WhatsApp users, want to download the modded GB WhatsApp (GB WA) application. Besides being dissatisfied with the features of the original version, GB WhatsApp has a plethora of cool features that are superior to the applications provided by these third parties.

An example of an excellent feature of GB WhatsApp (GB WA) is the ability to get two accounts on one mobile. These two accounts can be used for personal accounts and business accounts. Apart from that, GB WhatsApp has a feature to read messages that have been deleted.

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GB WhatsApp (GB WA) is similar to Whatsapp. Unfortunately, GB WhatsApp cannot be downloaded from the Play Store but must be downloaded manually in order for it to be installed on the mobile.

While it has advantages, GB WhatsApp (GB WA) has disadvantages. First, it can only be used on Android phones. It cannot be downloaded through the Play Store and must be installed manually.

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However, this gap seems to be covered by the feature stack offered by GB WhatsApp (GB WA). There are at least 12 excellent features that GB WhatsApp has:

1. Change the theme and icon
2. Eliminate the “writing” state
3. Uncheck the two
4. Read messages that have been deleted
5. Able to edit message text style
6. Allows users to see WA status/stories that have been deleted by the manufacturer
7. Download the status that appears on WA without having to take a screenshot
8. You can duplicate accounts
9. Emojis a lot
10. Various fonts
11. Auto Answer
12. Hide the blue checkmark.

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So how do you download GB WhatsApp? Read on the next page….

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