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EA is reportedly working on a new Dead Space

Fans of Dead Space have potentially good news ahead. According to the rumor mill, a new game in the series is on its way, and the unveiling may come during EA Play in a month.

Dead Space 3 from 2013 is currently the last feature in the series. Image: EA

Journalist and YouTube profile Jeff Grubb was first out with hints about the project (via VGC). It’s reportedly underway at EA Motive, the studio that released Star Wars Squadrons last year.

With the desire not to divulge too much, Grubb has said that it’s about the revival of an established game series, which he thinks fans will be happy with. On Tuesday, he followed up the comments by saying that “we will see it, if we are not dead first” – apparently a reference to the name Dead Space.

In his own report tells Eurogamer that the hints match what the site has heard from its own sources. In that case, it will be the first game in the series since Dead Space 3 came out in 2013. EA Visceral had plans for a Dead Space 4, but the studio – which also worked on Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game – was closed in 2017.

Whether the rumor about EA Play unveiling is true, we will see when the plan kicks off in exactly one month. The publisher invites to the show on July 22, but has not yet released any details about what will be shown.

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