Dzeko to Juventus, Milik to Roma. All done, but the weekend now seems lost

Edin Dzeko to Juventus, Arkadiusz Milik to Rome. An operation that now seems beautiful than defined, and in the process of arrival, even if the latest declarations and lists of players called up make us understand one thing: the deal will be formalized and defined only after the end of the weekend and the first day of the championship.

Today, in fact, the Pole, the less convinced of the two, seemed to have broken any kind of delay, thanks also to a telephone conversation with Fonseca, ready to become his next coach, and after a thorough knee exam. The Portuguese coach himself, however, actually put a brake on the deal in the press conference on the eve of his debut with Hellas.

The white smoke has already arrived, but Fonseca did not want to deprive himself of his striker for the opening match of the championship, and with the Bosnian included in the squad list, and already gone following his companions, the weekend now seems lost. But the conclusion of the story, that no, is not at all in question: some technical details remain to be fixed, especially on the Milik front. If though even his partner has now bid farewell to Napoli, doubts fly away.


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