During a television program, Sister Ha Xiaoyuan was accused of robbing her nephew to transfer ownership, causing her to break down in tears. The truth behind the incident revealed that the debt-ridden family of her sister-in-law had been targeted by gangsters and sought her help. Entertainment news outlet CTWANT covered the story.

Ha Xiaoyuan’s (right) wife talked nonsense on the show that her aunt Ha Pingyuan (left) was going to steal her child, so she couldn’t bear to accept the interview and express her heart. (Photo/provided by Zhongtian)

Ha Xiaoyuan, an entertainer and the general manager of the Taiwan Beer Yingxiong basketball team, his wife Xuanxuan recently appeared on the Zhongtian program “Classmates Are Coming” to accuse his elder aunt Ha Pingyuan of constantly trying to take the child away from her, and even asked her to transfer the ownership The child was given to her so that the child could become an American. This made Ha Pingyuan very angry after seeing the news. He even cried out in an interview. There are also gangsters who have come to the door.

Xuanxuan said on the show at the time that Ha Pingyuan had twice tried to rob her child and transfer it to be an American. (Photo/provided by Zhongtian)

Ha Ping was far dissatisfied with his sister-in-law Xuanxuan’s accusation of “suffocating love” on the program, and said, “From the moment my child was born, she would tell me that the educational environment in the United States is good, and when the child is older, she will take it to the United States. At first, I felt at ease in the United States to have family members nearby to take care of the child, but when the child was 5 or 6 months old, my aunt told me that he was about to go to the United States.” At that time, Xuanxuan thought that the child was too young, Reluctant to separate the two places, she rejected Ha Pingyuan’s kindness, but she proposed again: “If the child has an additional American passport, it would be great to have one more choice in life. She also said, ‘Otherwise, you will transfer the child to me, and I will come. Adopt a child, so that the child will have a U.S. passport”, I want to say that my biological mother is here well, why should I transfer my child? This suffocating hobby is terrible.”

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This kind of program content also caused Ha Pingyuan to be scolded as an “evil aunt”. She accepted an exclusive interview with “One Ping News Network” and cried while chatting. She said, “I don’t know if my sister-in-law thinks that my husband and I She can’t give birth, so she thinks so because she wants to take away her child.” She said that the child’s surname is Ha, and she is her niece. After the show was broadcast, Ha Xiaoyuan and his wife insisted on not admitting their mistakes, which also made her wronged and furious.

Ha Xiaoyuan’s family used to be on the show frequently, and Ha Pingyuan (right) also often appeared on variety shows as an announcer because of his younger brother. (Photo/provided by MUCH)

In the interview, it was more directly revealed that Xuanxuan’s family had a debt problem. Because the debt collectors could not find the creditor, they checked Xuanxuan’s household registration and found Ha’s mother’s family. Brand-name bags, so I went to Ha Xiaoyuan. Ha Pingyuan also said at the moment, “Whoever owes money, you go to whom. If you find my brother and my sister-in-law, it will cut off their life. I will definitely not let you go.” She also expressed surprise and helplessness. She didn’t know how much Xuanxuan’s family owed. She could only learn about fragments from the debt collection group. Xiaoyuan’s agent has been borrowed money.

Ha Xiaoyuan and his wife Xuanxuan said that they were approached by their sister Ha Pingyuan to collect debts from gangsters, and they responded to “Sanli News Network”, “Thank you, I have nothing to respond to.” And Ha Xiaoyuan also said in an interview a few days ago that it was only the effect of the program. Ha Pingyuan usually loves his son very much. He also said that if Ha Pingyuan really wants to snatch “how can he be on the show, he has already applied for a protection order.” He also said that Ha Pingyuan was angry immediately after seeing the news, and felt that why Xuanxuan said this on the show without telling him first, he usually joked that his son would give it to you, and it would be good to send it back when he grows up.

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