National Judo Competition: Liu Chuang earns Gold Medals as Harbin dominates with 3 wins on day 1 of the 15th Heilongjiang Provincial Games.

Original title: Harbin won 3 golds on the first day of the judo competition of the 15th Heilongjiang Provincial Games

On March 30, the judo competition of the 15th Heilongjiang Provincial Games of “Run, Boy” started at the Harbin Ice Hockey Hall. At the end of the first day of 4 levels of competition, the Harbin team won 3 gold medals, and the Qiqihar team won 1 gold medal. Among them, Li Haopeng of the Harbin team won the gold medal in the men’s +100 kg class; Lu Yi of the Qiqihar team won the gold medal in the men’s -66 kg class; Zhou Yongqi of the Harbin team won the gold medal in the women’s group A -70 kg class; Li Ying won the women’s group A -78 kg gold medal.

“These seven years of hard work have not been in vain!” Li Haopeng said excitedly after winning the gold medal. Li Haopeng is 18 years old this year. This is his first time participating in the Provincial Games. He is very eager to show himself and win honors in the national arena. “Height and strength are my strengths, and sleeping skills are my specialty. I will continue to learn from each other’s strengths and hope to achieve good results in this year’s ‘Three Youth League’.”

The competition will last for 4 days, and there will be 28 levels in men’s and women’s groups A and B. 165 athletes from eight cities including Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Daqing, Jixi, Shuangyashan, Yichun and Hegang participated.

On the field, the technical characteristics and tenacious fighting spirit displayed by athletes of different levels won applause and applause from the audience.

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“Hold it! Hold it!” “Suppress it! Hold it down!” Liu Chuang, who was sitting on the sidelines watching the game, stared intently at the athletes on the field, muttering involuntarily.

As a former national judo champion, 50-year-old Liu Chuang looked at these energetic athletes as if he saw his young self. Liu Chuang entered the Heilongjiang provincial team at the age of 16 and the national team at the age of 20. He has won six national judo championships in the 57 kg class, third place in the Hiroshima Asian Games, fifth place in the Atlanta Olympics, and champion in the 1998 East Asian Games. He has won honor for his motherland and hometown. , After retiring in 2000, he worked as a coach. In 2002, she and her husband Yan Yongfeng founded the Harbin judo team, and helped the Harbin team win the first place in the total team score and gold medals at the 11th Provincial Games, and subsequently sent many outstanding athletes to the provincial team .

“After watching today’s game, I feel that the overall level of the young athletes has improved. But we need to continue to polish the technical details to make the technology more solid and stable.” Liu Chuang said after the game, “Judo requires the comprehensive quality of athletes. Very high, on the basis of physical fitness and core strength, solid technique and stable psychology, as well as rich experience in competitions. The competition is a process of fighting wits and courage, emphasizing “I” as the main and “attack” Focus on ‘fast’, react quickly, judge quickly, and seize the opportunity quickly!”

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As a senior, Liu Chuang hopes that young athletes will train hard, take part in more competitions, communicate more with high-level athletes, carry forward the tenacious and never-say-die sportsmanship, and win glory for Heilongjiang and the motherland in a bigger arena .

At the opening ceremony before the competition, students from Harbin Institute of Physical Education brought judo special skills demonstrations, dances “Spring Seeds”, “Prairie Man”, and a dragon and lion dance performance called “Long Teng Sheng Lion”, which was the opening ceremony. Added bright colors. Zhao Zhubo, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Harbin Sports Bureau, Fang Yaowen, first-level investigator of Harbin Sports Bureau, director of the Office of the Competition Organizing Committee, and director of the Judo Competition Committee, Bai Weiying, secretary of Heilongjiang Heavy Sports Management Center, and Cui Cui, deputy director In the morning, Zhou Bin, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the School of National Traditional Sports of Harbin Institute of Physical Education, Asian champion Sun Yanyan, national champion Liu Chuang and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony.

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