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Duo Lippo Ngegas Group Shares! PGAS-PNBS Ambles turn

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaAs much as dfor the shares of the Lippo Group issuer, PT Multipolar Tbk (MLPL) and its subsidiary, the manager of the Hypermart outlet, PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (MPPA) succeeded in becoming top gainers on trading session I today, Monday (17/5/2021).

The jump in these two shares occurred after the news that PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa, aka Gojek, bought a confirmed 4.76% stake in MPPA.

At a different point, the shares of state-owned gas issuer PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGAS) or PGN and the shares of the Panin Group Islamic bank PT Bank Panin Dubai Syariah Tbk (PNBS) have even fallen as ‘losers’.

The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) fell deeply this afternoon. JCI fell 1.26% leaving the psychological level of 5,900 to 5,863,277 positions at the close of the first trading session, Monday (17/5).

According to IDX data, 124 stocks rose, 368 shares declined and 132 stocks stagnated, with a transaction value of Rp 5.98 trillion and trading volume reaching 10.03 billion shares.

Foreign investors on the stock market are busy pulling out of the Indonesian stock exchange with a record of net foreign sales of Rp 145.05 billion in the regular market. Meanwhile, foreigners recorded a net sale in the negotiation market and cash market of Rp 43.35 billion.

Here are the top 5 stock gainers and losers of session I today (17/5).

Top Gainers

  1. Multipolar (MLPL), shares + 23.01%, to Rp. 278, transaction of Rp. 152.7 billion

  2. Saranacentral Bajatama (BAJA), + 12.21%, to IDR 386, transactions IDR 26.4 Billion

  3. Darmi Brothers (KAYU), + 8.33%, to IDR 78, transaction of IDR 3.5 Billion

  4. Matahari Putra Prima (MPPA), + 6.43%, to Rp. 910, transaction of Rp. 120.0 billion

  5. Surya Permata Andalan (NATO), + 5.98%, to IDR 620, transaction of IDR 144.9 billion

Top Losers

  1. Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGAS), shares -7.00%, to Rp. 1,130, transaction of Rp. 264.0 billion

  2. Kapuas Prima Coal (ZINC), -6.88%, to IDR 176, transaction of IDR 29.9 billion

  3. Panin Dubai Syariah Bank (PNBS), -6.34%, to IDR 133, transaction of IDR 20.1 billion

  4. Sarana Meditama Metropolitan (SAME), -6.31%, to Rp. 520, transaction of Rp. 30.1 billion

  5. East Java Regional Development Bank (BJTM), -6.13%, to IDR 765, transactions IDR 37.3 Billion

Referring to the data above, the duo of Lippo, MLPL and MPPA stocks managed to be the top gainers this afternoon.

MLPL shares jumped 23.01% to IDR 278 / share with a transaction value of IDR 152.7 billion. In the same vein, foreigners were recorded to have taken a net buy of Rp. 6.96 billion.

With this, MLPL shares have jumped 24.11% in a week, while in a month it has gone up 68.48%.

Similar to the parent company, MPPA’s shares also rose 6.43% to Rp 910 / share. The transaction value of the store manager’s shares This Foodmart is worth IDR 120 billion. Foreigners also recorded a net buy of Rp 2.44 billion in MPPA shares.

Meanwhile, in a week MPPA shares have jumped 14.47% and jumped 36.84% in the past month.

Previously, Multipolar as the holding company divested 11.9 percent of shares to the three corporate entities. Of the 11.9% MPPA shares released, Panbridge Investment Ltd was purchased for 3.33%, Threadmore Capital Ltd for 3.81%, and PT Pradipa Darpa Bangsa for 4.76%.

MPPA’s controlling shareholder is Multipolar, which is an issuer belonging to the Lippo Group. Through the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Tuesday (11/5/2021), MLPL management explained that PT Pradipa Darpa Bangsa is a company engaged in the services of professional, scientific and technical activities.

As much as 99.996% of Pradipa’s shares are held by PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa, the owner of Gojek, and 0.004% is held by PT Dompet Karya Anak Bangsa aka GoPay.

Director of Multipolar, Agus Arismunandar, explained the company’s consideration of choosing the three companies as buyers of 11.9% of MPPA’s shares.

“The background and consideration for the entry of the three shareholders to become MPPA shareholders is because MPPA is a strategic investment that has a good rate of return in the future,” said Agus as quoted from the IDX disclosure.

MLPL explained that the release of 11.9% MPPA shares had no impact on the company’s operational activities and financial performance.

In a different fate, PGAS shares even slid into the red zone and touched the lower auto rejection limit (ARB) 7.00% to Rp 1,130 / share. The weakening of PGAS shares occurred as foreign investors were busy selling these shares by carrying out net selling actions.

PGAS stock transactions were recorded at Rp 264.0 billion. Meanwhile, foreigners did net sell in jumbo amounts, amounting to Rp 142.72 billion this afternoon.

Within a week, foreigners also recorded a sale of PGAS shares amounting to Rp. 156.72 billion and Rp. 122.74 billion in the last 30 days.

With this, PGAS shares continued their weakening in the last trading day before the Eid holiday, or last May 11, when they closed down 2.02% to Rp 1,215 / share.

Not only PGAS, PNBS shares also fell 6.34% to IDR 133 / share. With this PNBS shares have been red for 6 consecutive trading days, or since last May 5. As a result, within a week the stock had fallen by 13.07%, while in a month it was still growing by 16.67%.


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