Drogas stores have increased turnover and profits and are investing in the development of e-commerce

Retailer of cosmetics, hygiene and housewares AS “drugs“He worked in 2021 with an increase in turnover and profit, you can see”Lursoft“Annual report available.

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Compared to 2020, the turnover of JSC “Drogas” increased by 4.4% last year, reaching 84.36 million. euro, while profit after taxes grew by 10.07%, rising to 9.67 million. EUR. The company promotes the achievement of results by actively working on strengthening customer loyalty, attracting new customers, developing e-commerce and implementing the app, as well as ensuring a safe store environment in relation to Covid-19 restrictions.

The “Lursoft” data shows that the trader paid 12 million in taxes to the state budget last year. EUR 2.7 million of which in compulsory state social security contributions and 1.12 million. euro in personal income tax.

In 2021, JSC “Drogas” paid a lot of attention to the development of e-commerce, improving the online store and introducing the “Drogas” app, thus offering customers new and convenient shopping opportunities throughout Latvia. The development of the online store and the app continues this year, adapting it to customer preferences and making it even more convenient.

Continuing the development strategy, AS “Drogas” opened a new store in Liepāja in 2021 and also continued to introduce the company’s new concept in the regions. In total, at the end of 2021, 27 such stores were operating in Latvia.

At the end of 2021, the AS “Drogas” network comprised 151 stores, of which 95 in Latvia, with a total of over 900 employees.

In March 2022, AS “Drogas” and “Agri Investments” Ltd signed a share purchase agreement for the sale of its entire 100% stake in UAB “Drogas” to “Argi”. In July 2022, the transfer was legally completed and expropriation losses of 1.09 million were recognized. for an amount of euros. In March of this year, AS “Drogas” and UAB “Drogas” concluded a license agreement for the use of the brand and a transitional services agreement, according to which, after the sale of the company’s shares, AS “Drogas “will continue to provide certain management services and strategic support to the company registered in Lithuania.

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