Weather forecast for this Wednesday morning in New York with cloud cover and rain | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

let’s see the solo or thecompletely dry conditionsbut almost.ana patricia: now yesparezca or tone.lucrecia: someone gave me thetoday that this year it seemsthat we have just spent from summer towinter, which got theAutumn? because we have been withepic temperatures at whichall from the end ofNovember, the day of action ofthanks, not in advanceOctober.less intense and lessamount of precipitation incomparison to whichwe experienced yesterday where thethe rains were quite evidentbut we sure arespeaking that therainfall is about tostay in our region.We have seen an improvement ininstead of decreasingthermometer we saw the areafrom Newark winning 8, allcities are gainingtemperature, i.e. settingmercury at this timewe have some or take a showermany before our regions,this image of Times Squarewhere there is some cloudinessdrizzle that remainsus or during the nexthours, we will see the conditionspretty wet in what

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