Driving a drunk car is like hallucinating

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Driving vehicle need concentration. Driving should not be under the influence of alcohol such as the incident involving the Deputy Regent of Yalimo, Papua.

The Regent of Yalimo, Papua, with the initials ED, is suspected of being drunk and forced to drive. As a result, the car he was driving hit a policewoman to death. This incident again reminds us of the dangers of drunk driving.

Driving safety practitioner Sony Susmana from Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI) said driving while drunk is the same as hallucinating driving a car.

“Yes we can imagine driving, but hallucinating, “said Sony by telephone, Wednesday (16/9).

When under the influence of alcohol or other illegal drugs, according to Sony a person’s awareness is not maximal to control a vehicle safely. Drivers may not know the direction, not knowing the signs, slow to react, until they experience a decrease in their sense of sight.

“So things like that cannot be allowed to drive because they are at risk of accidents,” he said.

He said driving must focus on what is around the vehicle, because the impact is not only on oneself, but also at risk to other road users.

“So always make sure when driving is focused and aware of safety,” said Sony.

Quoting Alodokter, the negative effect of motion sickness when driving is to reduce the function of the central nervous system, which affects the brain’s ability to focus and make decisions quickly.

Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol are often not alert, so they do not realize how fast their vehicle is going. In addition, the effect of drinking makes vehicle users forget about safety devices, such as fastening a seat belt or wearing a helmet.

The decrease in visual acuity due to alcohol also increases the risk of accidents. There is still another effect of drunkenness, namely drowsiness. Drowsiness will make you less focused while driving and can potentially lead to accidents.

Therefore, there is no right amount of alcohol or should be consumed after driving.

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