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Driver faces trial for high-speed police chase and hit-and-run in Frankfurt

Frankfurt/Main (dpa/lhe) – After a traffic accident, he is said to have sped away from the other person involved in the accident and the police – across Frankfurt and at well over 100 kilometers per hour. Since Thursday, a 49-year-old driver has had to answer for this accusation before the Frankfurt district court. The indictment accuses him of, among other things, prohibited motor vehicle racing, dangerous interference with road traffic and hit-and-run.

On the first day of the trial, the defendant admitted that he drove away in February 2023 after a rear-end collision in downtown Frankfurt. However, he only wanted to drive to a police station to report the accident. He was prevented from doing so by the taxi driver who caused the accident. According to the prosecution, the 49-year-old was racing through the south of the city at times at 160 km/h while fleeing the police.

The defendant appeared in court on Thursday without a defense attorney. The magistrate then adjourned the trial because the complex matter was “a case of necessary defence”. A new trial date was not initially set.

According to reports, the driver kept the police in suspense for more than half an hour. After ignoring several red lights and allegedly endangering pedestrians and other drivers, he was stopped near Mörfelden-Walldorf in the Groß-Gerau district. He explained in court that the taxi driver caused the accident near the Konstablerwache in downtown Frankfurt and was therefore responsible for the chase.

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