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Drammensbadet Closed for Two Weeks Due to Pest Infestation

CLOSED DOORS: Drammensbadet keeps its doors closed after finding pests. Photo: ChickenFalls / Wikimedia

Norway’s largest swimming facility will be closed for at least two weeks.


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Drammensbadet will close from Thursday 28 September, following the discovery of vermin.

They themselves write about it in a post Facebook.

– It has now been confirmed that a German cockroach has been found on the first floor – this is a pest, writes Drammensbadet.

A field cockroach was also discovered in August, which is not a pest.

The bathroom apologizes for the inconvenience this causes for their guests.

– We take your safety and well-being seriously – that’s why we are closing – so that you can be safe with us, they continue in the Facebook post.

TV 2 first reported the cockroach discovery.


Published: 27.09.23 at 16:32

Updated: 27.09.23 at 16:47

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