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Discovering Planet J1407b: A Young Ringed Planet in the Solar System

27 September 2023   10:55 |

Updated: September 27, 2023 10:56

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Depiction of Planet J1047b. Source: ObengPlus

Planet J1407b was discovered in 2012 by Erik Mamajek and Kenworthy, at the Leiden Observation Center in the Netherlands and the University of Rochester in New York. However, it was not until early 2015 that the J1407b ring could be mapped.

photo-info">Gambar Peta Orbit Planet J1047b. Source: https://kids.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/frym.2016.00025

Like most other exoplanets, this planet was discovered using the transit method, a method that detects a decrease in a star’s brightness when a planet passes in front of it. The ring of planet J1047b has a diameter of 30 million kilometers from the center of the planet and stretches for 90 million kilometers. The light curve implies to astronomers that the ring system’s diameter is nearly 120 million kilometers, more than 200 times larger than Saturn’s rings. The temperature of planet J1047 is quite hot, namely around 1000 to 2000 degrees Celsius, this is too hot to make ice rings like the planet Saturn.

The star J1407 and its planet formed simultaneously 16 million years ago. Compared to our Sun and Earth, which are 4.5 billion years old, Planet J1407 in the solar system is relatively young. The ring planet J1407b is in the early process of moon formation.

photo-info">Gambaran Planet J1047b. Source: Brainly

Astronomers estimate that the ring pair J1407b has an orbital period of about 1 decade or 10 years. The mass of J1407b is difficult to estimate, but is likely within 10 to 40 Jupiter masses

The J1407b ring itself consists of space dust which forms a total of 30 small ring layers. If all this dust were put together, a planet could be formed with the same weight as Earth, which is around 6.5 billion trillion tons!

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