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Chicago sees dramatic increase in shootings and homicides in 2020

At the end of this year, violence in the city is registering a considerable increase in homicides compared to 2019. According to official figures, as of Sunday, December 27, 762 homicides had occurred. An increase of 55%.

CHICAGO, Illinois.- Shootings and homicides in Chicago had a dramatic increase in 2020. According to official figures, as of Sunday, December 27, 762 firearm deaths had been reported, an increase of 55% compared to last year . The number of shootings was also 53% higher than in 2019. 3,237 compared to 2,120 a year earlier.

This December 31, outside the Chicago police headquarters, community activists held a demonstration to express their criticism of the police’s strategies to contain violence in the streets of Chicago. Activists like Tio Hardin say the situation is unacceptable and Chicago police need to change their tactics. They say Superintendent David Brown, who was hired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot to stop the violence, should show better results. They also ensure that the pandemic should not be blamed for the increase in violence in the city and that Mayor Lightfoot is not well advised and that with the budget received by the Chicago police there could be better strategies to combat violence.

This week the mayor said that Covid-19 has significantly impacted public safety and that the increase in violence has also occurred in other large cities. Superintendent Brown is expected to present a better strategy plan for 2021 to silence the voices of those who criticize his tenure as chief of police.

This Thursday, December 31, other community leaders, including the Rev. Michael Pfleger, of the Fe de Santa Sabina Church, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, carried out a silent march down Michigan Avenue carrying Chicago flags with bullet holes and dripping blood. of them. This is to condemn the almost 800 homicides in Chicago during 2020 and the 3,443 people who have been injured by firearms.

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