Drama in Great Britain: Twin brothers, reality TV heroes, both found hanging from a tree the day after Christmas

It’s a drama that has shaken millions of viewers in Great Britain for the past few hours. Twin brothers, Billy and Joe Smith, who had participated in the program “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” were both found hanging from a tree in a secluded forest of Sevenoaks in Kent. According to the first observations, it could be a double suicide which would have been caused by the depression of which they had been victims for several months.

Billy and Joe Smith apparently hanged themselves on Christmas Day and their bodies were found the next day. The 32-year-old twins had participated in a program that followed the very spectacular marriages of the gypsy community and the quest for the ideal man by the girls. This program, broadcast in 2011 on Channel 4, was a resounding success with more than 8 million viewers for each episode.

A Facebook page has been opened to pay tribute to the twins and several family members explain that the two boys were so close and so united that they could not imagine living without each other.
A police investigation has been launched to confirm that this is indeed double suicide.

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