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Drama at MU: Now Rangnick Vs Martial


A drama appeared in Manchester United. Manager Ralph Rangnick as Anthony Martial reluctant to enter the squad in the match against Aston Villa, but the player denied it!

Manchester United visited Aston Villa on Sunday (16/1) in the morning WIB. Both teams shared one point each after the final result finished 2-2.

Reported from BBC, manager of Manchester United, Ralph Rangnick mention if there is a player who refuses to be brought into play. He is Anthony Martial.

“He doesn’t want to be in the squad,” Rangnick said.

“Usually he would be in the squad, but this time he didn’t want to. That’s the reason why he didn’t go with us yesterday.”

It didn’t take long, Anthony Martial reply to the greeting Ralph Rangnick via his personal social media. Martial denied that he refused to be brought into the squad.

“I have never refused to play for Man United. I have been here for 7 years and have never disrespected, and never disrespected the club and the fans,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

Anthony Martial was left out of the squad Manchester United in this season. The 26-year-old player is often plagued by injuries.

Not to mention, Manchester United have Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho in attack. Competition for a place in the main squad is getting tougher.

Martial himself is rumored to be released in the transfer market this winter. The team from Spain, Sevilla was interested but the salary problem is not yet matched.

Juventus and Barcelona are also rumored to be interested in the French player. However, until now, Martial’s fate was still hanging.

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