Drama after ‘The Bachelor’! The participant speaks and makes a humiliating gesture…

The playboy swallowed the insult of his former admirer with difficulty

The playmaker Deniz Khairula has stuck a knife in the heart of the stressed Viktor Stoyanov. She was one of the most scandalous participants in the first reality show ‘The Bachelor’. Though she asked that she likes the bachelor, she didn’t name her as a favorite.

After her favorite Alex Gardeva voluntarily gave up the competition for her heart and hand because he did not protect her, the choice fell on two participants – Victoria Kapitonova and Denis Khairula.

Although she applied all kinds of turbans, she showed herself kind, gentle and gentle, the otherwise mischievous Turkish woman was still unable to charm the former rower. And in the end, Viktor Stoyanov preferred Victoria to her. This shook Denise to her core and at a later stage she admitted that she was a little offended by her decision.

Now Denise has found a way to get back at him. “The new bachelor is definitely more charismatic. Even if he’s shorter than Victor. I don’t know him personally, but I’d be interested to know what the girls are like,” said Denise Khairula slyly.

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