Dr. Thira opens the Singapore report. He found that COVID caused more deaths among people with underlying diseases.

Dr. Thira opens the Singapore report. He found that COVID caused more deaths among people with underlying diseases.

On 25 November the Ass. Chulalongkorn University Facebook post on COVID-19 death statistics Details are as follows: Singapore Ministry of Public Health Report issued in September 2022, published on the website. (www.moh.gov.sg)

Analyzing it After the outbreak of COVID-19 As a result, Singapore’s annual death rate rose from 525 in 2019 to 549.9 per 100,000 person-years, accounting for 2,490 excess deaths before COVID-19

The ministry’s official death report Only 1,403 cases were reported, representing just 56.3 per cent of the excess deaths that have occurred.

interesting is Singapore took an in-depth look. He found that the number of unreported deaths were likely caused by COVID-19 infection. and resulting in worsening of congenital or comorbid diseases that the patient has leading to death. This is because when analyzing people with no history of COVID-19 infection, no excess deaths were found in this group.

Singapore Ministry of Public Health report is therefore of great importance. Because he explains it to us

One The number of officially reported deaths caused by COVID-19. It does not directly reflect the effects of COVID-19 infection. everything that happened

Secondly, the number of deaths with underlying/comorbid diseases. with a history of COVID-19 infection should also be considered and should be reported. because the infection will worsen the existing underlying disease and cause death

Reporting all the deaths that occurred and clearly classifying the details of the two groups will let the public know the truth Aware of the impact of COVID-19 infection which is not a common cold It is not just an infection and gone. But also resulting in congenital disease worsening and leading to death And will make people be careful. More protection in everyday life

It will also help in terms of accurately assessing the impact of the epidemic on health, society and the economy.

The fact that we continue to see the news of deaths of people infected with COVID during this period certainly reflects the current situation of the epidemic which is on the rise. and made us understand that Number of deaths from COVID And the number of cases of infection with other diseases is likely to be higher than what is seen in the official weekly reports. But how much will there be? People in society don’t know. And not knowing this will inevitably affect awareness. and can influence behavior in daily life

The vicious circle continues to turn…
Data transparency is essential…

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