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Dr. Chonnan Provides Updates on Medical Preparations for Myanmar War Victims in Mae Sot

“Chonnan” went to the “Mae Sot” area to continue medical preparations to care for those who fled the war in Myanmar. A total of 113 were injured, most of them from bombs and gunfire, 82 people were left for treatment at Mae Sot Hospital, 29 had undergone surgery, and 3 others were awaiting surgery. surgery Since more than 20 patients were coming in at the same time, but it was closed within 3 hours, they were looking for a neurosurgeon to add to the team.

On April 22 at Mae Sot Hospital, Tak Province, Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health (MOPH), gave an interview during his visit to the area to pursue medical and public health care for those who fleeing the war in Myanmar today he went to the area to investigate and continue at 2 points, that is Mae Sot Hospital, to continue the preparation of the hospital to provide medical care to those affected by that situation, including personnel, equipment and machinery. To accept the situation. and take care of the morale of the workers Another point is a temporary safe zone that the government has established for disaster victims to stay for a while. By following the issue of disease investigation and prevention. and the environment so that it does not affect health

Dr. Connan: Mae Sot Hospital is ready to deal with emergency situations from accidents. especially the dangers of war In the past, there was occasional care for those affected. But we have come to great pressure since the night of April 20, 2024, when 22 people wounded from the war were coming in for treatment at the same time, it is necessary to declare a level 3 emergency plan, or extreme level. that is, patients come in together. Because we have no power

“This is normal when there are many patients coming in from a disaster. disaster which war is considered a disaster A support plan will already be announced. After announcing the plan, it took about 3 hours for everything to be in place and the plan could end As for April 21-22, it was normal patient admissions , for example, on April 21, 16 people were injured they came, but gradually they were traveling in for treatment. It didn’t come together. So, there’s no need to announce the plan,” said Dr Chonnan.

Dr Chonnan said that patients in the last few days have come to receive services and they are still here, 82 people, most of them injured. Surgical treatment Surgery is required. Considered a disaster victim, not separated to any side. When the treatment is finished and you are discharged from the hospital, the security department will come to pick you up and give you more attention. Public Health Doctor Tak Provincial said that there were 113 patients in total, spread across several hospitals, including Umphang Hospital and hospitals on the border. Most of them were injured from the bomb that hit them. including gunshot wounds Regional level operations are divided into 3 levels of support preparation: Level 1: Few patients. It is a plan to support hospital areas only. Most will not exceed 60 people, and Level 3 means using all resources from outside the area and opening a field hospital. At the moment, it is not still there This is preparation. Including staff tools Separate operating rooms

Dr. Caring for evacuees in temporary safe havens is another issue. Recently there were about 1,600 people left from the 3,000 people who came. Gradually, there are people who have gone back. We pay attention to the health aspect, check the health status. An evaluation system was put in place to take into account the hygiene of food, water, and disease control, such as mosquito nets and various medicines.

It was asked if the situation is not over easily. There may be additional immigration. Dr. Connan: We are not underestimating what the situation will be. We have the highest measures in place to support you. No matter how big the situation is. If an event reaches Level 3, we will announce a Level 3 plan, meaning we are ready to support it. From the perspective of politics on human rights, dimensions of health, and risk If it doesn’t happen, it’s better. All parties involved need each other’s help. Our country, in terms of politics, must do its best in this matter. Medicine and public health are primarily concerned with health care.

Ask what additional resources are required. Mae Sot Hospital again? Dr Chonnan said that we must, of course, look at it all the time. At the moment we have a problem with neurosurgeons. Under such circumstances Mae Sot Hospital should have But although the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Health does not give orders to the Inspector General The Ministry of Public Health has said that they must find a way to do this, until neurosurgery comes in and does the job. because it is necessary In this case, it is necessary to refer to the patient Buddhachinnarat Hospital, Phitsanulok, case 1 can be seen about the brain system.

Ask again what the situation is at the moment. Dr. Connan said that if the hospital is at level 3 because there are more than 20 people, but it can be treated very quickly, within 2-3 hours the plan can be closed. At the moment we are using a normal plan, we have not announced any plans, it is not an emergency, if they come in gradually, we can accept them. They can be managed in the hospital In the case of combat wounds, our hospital is ready in an emergency. Mae Sot Hospital can open up to 4 operating rooms.

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