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Dr. Chonnan Concerned About High Influenza Outbreak and Slowing Dengue Fever Spread in Thailand

“Dr. Chonnan” is worried.influenza There is still a high outbreak. In 2023, 150,000 people were found sick. Coordinated surveillance. Disease prevention and controldengue fever The outbreak is starting to slow down. This year, 91,000 people have been sick and 93 have died. Warning: if the fever is higher than 2 days, you should immediately see a doctor.

Today (21 September 2023) Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health, said he has received reports on the situation of two important diseases that are currently spreading: Influenza which has an increased incidence, according to the dataFrom January 1 to September 9, 2023, there were 154,829 cases of influenza. The morbidity rate is 233.95 per 100,000 people. There were 3 deaths. The morbidity and mortality rate is 0.001 percent.

After the announcement of COVID-19 disease It is a disease that must be monitored. People are becoming more relaxed about wearing masks. It was found that the rate of respiratory infection was increasing. Especially the flu There are 3 times more patients than last year. The Ministry of Public Health has launched a campaign to vaccinate people in at-risk groups such as young children, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, obesity, pregnant women, 4 months or more, and pregnant women. both setting measures and coordinating cooperation in disease prevention and control There is a letter addressed to the Provincial Public Health Doctors of every province. Governor of Bangkok and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Inform guidelines and ask for cooperation in preparing, monitoring, and preventing the spread of influenza. including schools, educational institutions, prisons, detention centers, juvenile observation and protection centers, military camps

Dr. Chonnan further said that Another disease that has spread is Dengue fever, data from 1 January – 13 September 2023, there were 91,979 patients. Illness rate 139.09 per 100,000 people 93 deaths from 44 provinces The morbidity and mortality rate is 0.1 percent, with areas with high morbidity rates including the northern, eastern, and southern regions. The important issue is High rates of illness were found in children aged 5-14 years and those aged 15-24 years, but mortality rates were high in adults. Especially in the 55-64 year old group, the highest morbidity and mortality rate was 0.21 percent, followed by the 25-34 year old group, with a 0.17 percent morbidity and mortality rate.

Overall, it can be concluded that Adults older than 35 years who have dengue fever There is a 2-3 times higher risk of death than children because most of the time when they are sick they tend to see a doctor and receive treatment too late. Therefore, if you have a fever, if you take medicine for 2 days it doesn’t get better. Please hurry and see a doctor. Most importantly, do not buy ibuprofen, aspirin, or NSAIDs to take.

“The dengue fever situation in Thailand this year is quite high. And now the outbreak is starting to slow down. But continued cases were still found in some provinces. The best disease prevention and control measure is to destroy the breeding grounds for Aedes mosquito larvae. along with eliminating adult mosquitoes in outbreak areas and prevent mosquito bites The Ministry of Public Health has used the mechanism of the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee. Increase cooperation in disease surveillance, prevention, and control in areas and places at risk such as schools, temples, communities, and factories.”

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