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The region’s leadership is now asking all volunteers not to send any more material assistance. Now it is said that mainly building materials are needed so that people can repair their damaged houses. At the moment, the mayors of the municipalities would rather prefer financial assistance.

Material aid came to the affected region from all corners of the country. “We have crowded huge halls and no drugstore, food or clothes are needed anymore. It is a large number and the crisis staffs are burdened by looking for new halls for it, “said Grolich.

“We’ll get back to you if we need anything. There is now a demand for building materials. These are things for roofs, because most houses have a damaged roof. But some are more damaged, so they will need building materials. “

Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL)

Governor of the South Moravian Region

The governor said that after Thursday’s tornado, it will be necessary to demolish 115 houses in the affected region. Firefighting demolition is scheduled to begin next week. But some people will be demolishing houses earlier on their own. The director of the South Moravian fire brigade, Jiří Pelikán, assured that it was all right. “The owner can take care of his property,” he stressed.

Until recently, there was talk of demolishing about 70 houses, but they are still undergoing statics. “The number is rising. There are now 115 of them, but the houses will be walked by the end of the week, so it may increase, “the governor warned.

According to the director of firefighters, 98 percent of the damaged houses are already temporarily covered with a tarpaulin. The rest will either go to the ground or the owners have not yet reported to the fire brigade.

Money for demolition of houses

In the event that demolition is carried out in a controlled manner by firefighters, they will pay the costs. For those who will demolish their homes themselves, the Ministry of Regional Development will provide half a million for both demolition and the preparation of new homes. He will then deduct half a million from the two million subsidy for the new house. The owners of all damaged houses will get it, even if they did not have the property insured.

“We encourage people to have real estate insurance. On the other hand, the government took into account that it is not a flooded area and people do not expect weather, and no tornado was expected here at all. That is why we approached it more benevolently, “said Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová (for YES). People who get the money will have to insure their property. “It is not possible for state support to go to uninsured property,” she stressed.

The first train set off

On Tuesday, the first train ran on the line between Břeclav and Hodonín, it was an international express train, but it was pulled by a diesel locomotive in the section, because electric-powered trains cannot run in the section yet. She arrived in Hodonín before 7:00.

Columns and other parts of the traction line remained demolished on the track after the storm, and the top of the track was also damaged. Over the weekend, the railway workers made the section in one track passable, but subsequently they also had to repair the top of the track.

The damage caused by the tornado on the railway infrastructure in the section Hrušky – Hodonín is estimated at 320 million crowns. The vast majority, about 200 million, is accounted for by the destroyed traction line. They can still be specified.

Instead of trains, buses ran in the section. The bus line 572 was also limited, which ran only in the section Břeclav – Lanžhot – Kostice – Tvrdonice – Týnec.

Doctors also treat people who have been injured during repairs

Břeclav Hospital is still treating other assistants who were injured in the aftermath of the damage after the storm. There were fifteen of them on Monday alone, said the director of the hospital, Petr Baťka. A total of 213 casualties have been treated since Thursday night in connection with storms or remediation. In Hodonín, 26 people were treated on Monday and Tuesday nights.

The first major demolitions, which people embarked on on their own, possibly with the support of volunteer firefighters, as well as repairs to houses that remain standing, were also complicated by the weather. Temperatures hovered around 30 degrees during the day, even more under the tarpaulins that replaced the destroyed roofs. According to rescuers, the number of collapses from the heat increased. “People work with great enthusiasm, so many times they forget about themselves,” warned rescuer Ondřej Šedivka.

There are currently 19 injured in the Břeclav hospital. “There were, for example, arterial hemorrhages, open fractures and so on. Twenty people had severe and moderate injuries, ten had minor injuries, “said Baťka, according to whom people should be careful when working.

24 patients are hospitalized in the Hodonín hospital. “No new case arose from the field. In the intensive care unit, three patients remain in severe condition, but are stabilized and out of danger. In the last 24 hours, we treated 19 patients in the surgical outpatient clinic, which was mainly small sutures, bruises or sprains. We treated seven patients in the internal outpatient clinic, often it was dehydration, sunburn or exhaustion, “said the hospital director Antonín Tesařík.

More was chosen than during the 1997 floods

Residents of villages affected by the tornado should receive 150,000 crowns from collections organized by nine organizations and foundations within two weeks. Municipalities will also receive a proportional amount. Donors have already donated around 850 million crowns to mitigate the effects of Thursday’s storm, which is more than during the floods in 1997, when people donated 800 million.

The Diocesan Charity Brno chose the most, having almost 198 million crowns in its account on Monday. The Via Foundation has so far collected 184 million crowns. She also initiated meetings with the organizers of other collections. Among them is the organization People in Need, to which people contributed 108 million, or the Karel Komárek Family Foundation, which donated 150 million crowns.

In the first phase, the money should be used to repair damaged houses and provide for the basic needs of households. Then a deeper and more detailed survey will be needed, which will take into account the cost of repairs or the need for new buildings, insurance, savings, family assistance, social situation and other factors.

The organizers of the collections agreed that the collection of information in the field will be in charge of ADRA, Diaconia and People in Need, which have experience in providing humanitarian and psychosocial assistance.

But the police are also investigating attempts to abuse solidarity. It has recently announced three cases, a total of five. Fraudsters try to persuade donors to send money to accounts that have nothing to do with collections. Regional Police Director Leoš Tržil called on donors “to check their accounts or send financial amounts to reputable collections”.

According to Klára Šplíchalová, director of the Donors’ Forum, the annual and financial reports are listed on the transparent pages of charities.

Via Foundation: Help should be fast, comprehensive and fair

According to the director of People in Need, Šimon Pánek, coordination of joint action in a humanitarian disaster of this magnitude is necessary. “We first need to deliver a quick first financial aid to all those affected, and then increase it according to individual needs. We do not want to compensate for damages, but to contribute to the reconstruction and direct the aid as an investment in the future, “he said.

“Our goal, in cooperation with other organizations, is to send most of the funds obtained directly to the people affected, quickly, comprehensively and fairly,” said the director of the Via Foundation, Zdenek Mihalco.

On the Donio server, people contribute to specific families who publish their story there. “In the last five days, we have received about 150 requests for help. The need is really great, on the other hand there are a huge number of people who can and want to help. In just one weekend, over fifteen thousand donors took part in the donation on the Donio platform as part of the #SpolecneProMoravu initiative, “said Donia founder David Procházka.



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