don’t miss the private sale at a discounted price!

This Tuesday, November 27, Free is launching an unmissable offer on Veepee with its Freebox Revolution at only €14.99/month for 1 year instead of €39.99.

It’s not every day that a deal like this comes along, so don’t miss out!

The Freebox Revolution at €14.99 per month: An opportunity not to be missed

Get ready: this sensational offer begins Tuesday, November 27 at 7 p.m. on the Veepee platform.

This is a tight window for those looking to benefit from one of the best internet packages on the market at an unbeatable price.

But be careful, this offer has an end. This is a private sale, therefore exclusively limited in time. The exact details of the end of this offer have not yet been disclosed, which encourages you to act quickly to be sure you can benefit from it.

Freebox Revolution offer details: what you need to know

The heart of this offer lies in its price : €14.99/month for the first year, followed by €39.99/month.

This pricing is significantly lower than the usual price of €39.99, allows substantial saving of almost €150 over one year.

And for this price, you are entitled to the full offer. You will therefore have access to:

  • Canal+ Series and access to a wide range of premium entertainment content.
  • L’application Free Ligue 1 in premium access.
  • A bouquet of TV by Canal channels.
  • An ultra-fast Internet connection (fiber).

Why jump on this Free offer?

The price reduction is not the only advantage. This offer represents a great opportunity for those looking to enhance their home entertainment experience. With :

  • download speeds of up to 1 Gb/s,
  • 250 GB storage space,
  • and more than 270 TV channels,

The Freebox Revolution is positioned as an all-in-one solution for entertainment and connectivity needs.

In conclusion, the Free offer on the Freebox Revolution is a golden opportunity to save on your internet bill without losing quality of service.

It combines an attractive price, cutting-edge technology, and exclusive access to quality content.

But be careful, time is running out, so you have to act quickly to benefit from this limited time offer.

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