Dedi Mulyadi’s New Family Portraits: Former Husband of Purwakarta Regent with His New Wife and Daughter

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Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023 16:45 IWST

7 Portraits of Dedi Mulyadi, Former Husband of the Regent of Purwakarta & His New Wife Becomes a Mother Connect/Photo:

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Dedi Mulyadi, the former husband of the Regent of Purwakarta, has remarried a woman.

Unfortunately, the identity of Dedi Mulyadi’s new wife is still a mystery. However, this 52 year old man often shows off moments of togetherness with his wife.

In the latest video, Dedi Mulyadi’s new wife seems to be getting along with his daughter, the youngest child of Dedi and his ex-wife Anne.

Their togetherness seemed full of warmth and received praise. Come on, take a peek at the portrait below.

1. Dedi Mulyadi openly showed his togetherness with a beautiful woman after divorcing from Anne Ratna.

Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo:

2. Dedi Mulyadi’s new wife looks beautiful and young. Dedi Mulyadi also bluntly called the woman “New Mother” Hyang Sukma Ayu.

Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo:

3. Hyang Sukma Ayu has a special nickname for her mother. Dedi Mulyadi and Anne’s youngest child is called Mother Rabbit.

Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo:

4. Dedi Mulyadi and his alleged new wife also look united when caring for Hyang. They appeared wearing black and white twin outfits.

Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo:

5. The former husband of the Regent of Purwakarta, Anne Ratna, also often takes his new wife and children on trips to spend quality time.

Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo:

6. Dedi Mulyadi’s togetherness with his wife and children felt warm. Dedi Mulyadi’s new wife seems to really love her child.

Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo: Dedi Mulyadi Family/ Photo:


Also watch the following video:

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