Donna Agnesia’s condition after being treated at the hospital with children, Darius apologizes & is willing to do this


Some time ago Darius Sinathrya reported that his wife, Donna Agnesia and their daughter, Sabrina Sinathrya, were rushed to the hospital. He said that Donna and Sabrina had high fevers.

He was also seen accompanying his wife and children while being treated at the hospital, Mother. After many prayed for their recovery, Donna Agnesia reported their condition.

Through her Instagram page, Donna said that yesterday the princess’s health condition had improved. In fact, Sabrina has been allowed to go home.

“I don’t feel like it’s already my 3rd day in the hospital… Praise God Sabrina has been able to go home, hopefully I can catch up soon,” Dona wrote, quoted from her Instagram, Saturday, December 4, 2021.

In the upload, Donna also thanked netizens for the prayers and attention for her. The mother of three children was touched by all the attention she got, Mother.

“Thank you all for your prayers and attention, very grateful to have a family of friends and friends who love Sabrina and I so much. Pray that I can go home soon. Take care of everyone’s health. God Bless You.”

Even though Sabrina was allowed to go home, in fact it didn’t make it Darius Sinathrya breathe easy. As a standby husband, the 36-year-old actor still feels guilty.

That’s because he can’t accompany Donna who still has to lie in the hospital. His busy schedule as the head of the family makes Darius have to leave Donna in the hospital.

However, he admitted that he was still happy to be able to take the time to massage and accompany Donna to chat on the sidelines of her busy schedule. He also posted a photo of him hugging Donna with great love, Mother.

“Sorry, I can only be with you for a while today… but it’s nice to be able to chat, kiss & hug you again… I love you so much dear @dagnesia,” Darius wrote on his personal Instagram.

Not only praying for Donna Agenesia’s recovery, apparently netizens were also moved to see Darius’ loyalty and romance as a husband. Some said they were happy to see Darius pampering his beloved wife.

“Hopefully it will be an inspiration for me later when I’m married, brother @darius_sinathrya,” wrote the account @iwanpakguri***.

“Get well soon, Ms. Dona.. The best idol couple… @chida_c*** looking at this makes me melt… Oh my gosh ..,” wrote the account @anisahidayat***.

“They’re right” sweet.. couple Goals really… Safe and peaceful until grandparents Amen,” said a netizen with the account name @chida_****.

Previously, Darius admitted that he was very sad when Donna and Sabrina were rushed to the hospital. Apparently, he was thinking of one thing, Mother.

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