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Donald Trump charges against Robert De Niro: “He is a mental dwarf”

El former president of the United States Donald Trump has responded harshly to the statements of actor Robert De Niro, who criticized him during the premios Gotham. The Republican has not cut corners in the slightest when describing the artist, as he states The New York Post. “He is a mental dwarf whose mind is destroyed and his life is totally derailed,” the politician stated, among other niceties.

Donald Trump He has not settled for this and has extended his list of insults: “Like the corrupt Joe Biden (current president), he cannot put two sentences together in a row. The good news is that this stupid animal has lost all his credibility.” Furthermore, the magnate has assured that Robert De Niro He has lost many points as an actor in recent times.

Actor Robert De Niro.

Criticism of Robert De Niro as an actor

The former president of the United States has insisted that Robert De Niro is currently “unwatchable” on screen and has sarcastically given him some advice: “He should focus on his life, which is a disaster, instead of on everyone else’s. He has become an absolute loser while the world “watch, wait, and pray.”

The struggle between Robert De Niro y Donald Trump is not new. In fact, the popular actor had already criticized the figure of the politician during his mandate on numerous occasions. “This guy should not be president, he is like a gangster. We are in a terrible situation and this man has still not been arrested,” he said in October 2019 in statements to CNN.

De Niro’s words in his last dispute with Trump

Robert De Niro severely attack Donald Trump during the Gotham Awards, on November 27. “The lie has become one more tool in the charlatan’s arsenal,” the actor then stated in reference to the former president of USA. “Trump lied to us more than 30,000 times during his term and he keeps up the pace,” he added.

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