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Dolly Parton: Fulfilling Dreams and Rising to Fame

“As long as I can work, as long as my health allows, as long as my husband feels well, I will continue to please with music. Those are the only reasons that would make me slow down. For now, I’m ready to sing as long as the sun will warm me,” explains Dolly.

Parton believes that fulfilling your biggest dreams comes with a lot of responsibility.

“I’ve always believed that if you want a dream to come true and it eventually does, you have to do everything to keep the dream ‘alive’, it’s your responsibility. Every dream leads to another dream. From one dream grows a tree with roots and leaves to develop. I’m not one of those people who can just sit and do nothing,” thinks Dolly.

The musician continues to dream and develop, she wants her own TV show, she wants to tell her story in a movie or otherwise include it in the story, Dolly wants her own line of cosmetics and wigs. A woman realizes that fame helps her achieve her goals, various opportunities appear to which she cannot say no.

Dolly thinks that everything is ahead of her, as long as she has goals, health and energy, she will continue to fulfill her dreams.

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