“Phet Saharat”, luxury car retreat, red label, 12 million per vehicle, rich from selling Pla Daak

“US Phet”, luxury car retreat, red label, 12 million per vehicle, after the sale of pla ra tells “the insult of the stinky nowhere”

“Marisa” decided to sell his beloved car Because it is more than necessary!

“Man” changed the mattress, took “Gale” to sleep and watch the nature show the elephants

Really opposed the COVID for “Phet Saharat” A celebrity singer who turned well into the fermented fish business. With a beautiful girlfriend Until success Recently, rewarding life with a BMW i8 retreat, red label, priced at 12 million baht per car.

by “Phet Saharat”Posting still images, video clips in a cozy home outfit while the showroom brings a luxury car home. With a message through the page Petch Saharat And tags girlfriend “New New Niparat” States that Congratulations to her great people. Your efforts in every area Make you have it today Keep fighting Pla-Ra is stinking, but you already see the value of it. How great how great #Congratulations to your new car

In addition “Phet Saharat” Also shared news that the media presented about the luxury car retreat stating that Ah !! Now Sao despised the foul now

Thank you page Petch Saharat

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