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Wommelgem / Aartselaar / AntwerpWommelgem’s Eline Loyaerts (24) wanted to buy a car last month but risks getting stuck with two copies due to an unfortunate misunderstanding. Since she as a starting entrepreneur has a budget for only one car, she now hopes to be able to sell the other at the purchase price. “I’m desperate. I can’t really afford a second car right now.”

At the beginning of August, Eline – recently graduated in psychologist – decides to buy a new car. During a visit to the Van Gansen garage in Antwerp, she and her father Steven (51) set their sights on a black Kia Niro. Steven asks his bank, KBC, for the price of a lease, after which a lease quote will be drawn up. But before getting into that, father and daughter want to get a little more inspiration and drive to another garage, Vermant in Aartselaar. Eventually they decide to order a light gray Kia Niro there.

Wrong order form

Normally no problem, one might say. When KBC sends an order form to Eline shortly thereafter, she signs it without suspicion. But she soon discovers that it is a wrong order form, i.e. a coupon for the first car, the black Kia Niro. Within two hours of the bank submitting the wrong order form, Eline informs the Van Gansen garage. But there they can’t cancel the order anymore, she says. Result: Eline has ordered two cars, while she can only afford one.

Electronic signature

“Yes, we signed the wrong order form,” admits Steven. “But you know how it goes. I received the order form from my KBC contact and was asked to have it signed as soon as possible – “while interest is still favorable”. Then I forward the receipt to Eline and tell them to sign it in the KBC app within ten minutes. Check the price at the bottom of the receipt – it’s perfect – and then put your electronic signature. If we had had a little more time, we would obviously have printed the order form first and examined it more correctly. “

two hours

Steven and Eline don’t blame the garage. “Obviously it’s not their fault. But maybe they could be a little more flexible. Especially since the argument was used during the sale that hybrid cars are flying out the door with the diminishing tax advantage. I also think we noticed and passed on the error very quickly. On the day of purchase, the workshop notified us of the order at 11:54 am and we reported the error at 1:55 pm. The fact that it took another two hours is due to the fact that the seller was not available. “

32,000 euros

But father and daughter try to think constructively. That’s why they are now throwing a call and hoping someone will take delivery of one of the two cars at the purchase price. That cost is 32,000 euros, excluding VAT. “Or if someone wants to buy another car from Van Gansen in exchange for the cancellation of ours, that’s also a possibility,” says Eline. “We are a little shocked. I myself have just started as a psychologist and there are a lot of costs to me. I can’t really afford a second car right now. “

Anyone who can help Steven and Eline can call 0495 53 12 10.

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