Doctors there blame a hemorrhage, those in Iasi blame a nosocomial infection

A baby born prematurely died at the County Emergency Hospital (SJU) in Piatra Neamt. While German doctors claim that the little one died due to a hemorrhage, those from the “Cuza Voda” maternity hospital in Iasi, where his twin brother was transferred, indicate that it was an in-hospital infection.

“The child brought from Neamt has Klebsiella, it is a nosocomial infection. The child is in a stable condition, he is breathing alone and we are waiting for him to grow up,” said a doctor from the “Cuza Voda” Maternity Hospital in Iasi.

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In her turn, the medical director of the Iasi maternity hospital, Maria Stamatin, declared on Sunday that the baby does not tolerate food, being fed through a vein, but his condition is stable.

The two twin babies were born prematurely at the County Emergency Hospital in Piatra Neamt, on July 9, following a cesarean section. A few days after the birth, one of them died.

Regarding the cause of the little one’s death, the German doctors claim that there can be no question of an intra-hospital infection, because the health inspectors checked the hospital and everything was fine.

Instead, following the autopsy, it was established that he died due to “cerebral hemorrhagic outbreaks”, which the representatives of the Piatra Neamt County Hospital said were “quite common in premature babies”.

Regarding the Klebsiella infection, the SJU manager Piatra Neamt claimed that in the week in which the twins were born, the DSP (Public Health Directorate – ed.) Performed a control, and the results showed that there was “no bacterial load “.

Under these conditions, the twins’ parents asked the doctors to transfer the other child to a hospital in Iasi, but initially they were refused. Finally, the family managed to contact a doctor from the Pediatric Hospital in Iasi, who facilitated the transfer.



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