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Doctor Saves Man Who Fell into Train Track at Oslo S: A Remarkable Rescue

HELP: Hans-Christian Myklestul was one of those who helped the man who fell into the train track at Oslo S on Friday. Photo: VG-TIPSER

By chance, the doctor Hans-Christian Myklestul (43) was at Oslo S when a man fell into the train track.


Less than 10 minutes ago

He was waiting on the platform when the afternoon train to Lillehammer came drifting into Oslo S on Friday.

A man stood one to two meters away. Suddenly the man fell down between the platform and the train.

Myklestul heard the train brakes squeal, and in pure reflex he turned his back.

– I was sure that we would have to pick up the person in several parts. It was fierce to see how what turned out to be the bag thundered up into the undercarriage of the train, he tells VG.

DOCTOR: Hans-Christian Myklestul works as a specialist in general medicine at Lillestrøm Medical Centre. Photo: Private

Didn’t think there was hope

Several of the witnesses VG has spoken to say they were convinced that the man was going to lose his life.

Even Myklestul, who works as a doctor and specialist in general medicine, did not think there was hope.

When the 43-year-old and some other passengers at the scene nevertheless received an unexpected sign of life, they did everything they could to save the injured person.

Answer down from the slot

Several witnesses have described to VG that when the train stopped, a man on the platform threw himself down and asked the man in the track to lie still.

To his great surprise, Myklestul heard a reply from down on the train track. Then he turned around. He wanted to secure the scene of the accident, he says.

– I went to pull the emergency brake, and was helped by another to do so. Then I tried to get an overview of the damage site.

A lady was on the phone with 113, he says, and meanwhile Myklestul sent away curious onlookers who came to.

FISHED UP: The man who fell was helped up by several people standing on the platform. Photo: VG-TIPSER Photo: VG-TIPSER

– There were several everyday heroes here, both health personnel and others who flocked to help before the ambulance arrived, the 43-year-old tells VG.

When the scene of the injury was secured, Myklestul lay down and spoke to the injured person.

– The injured person had some cuts, but far from as serious an injury as it could have been, says the 43-year-old, who occasionally works at the emergency room and has regular emergency medicine training.

Together with one of the other helpers, he had the rucksack taken from the injured person, so that it was possible to get onto the platform.

Myklestul had the person examined from head to toe while waiting for an ambulance, which he says was on the scene within a very short time. Relieved, he could note that this seemed to have gone far better than anyone had feared.

– He was stunned and surprised. The way you have to expect someone to be when they have experienced something like this, says the doctor.

The police said after the accident that the man “incredibly only suffered minor injuries”.

– This is without a doubt today’s happy thing, said operations manager Tore Solberg.


Published: 19.08.23 at 19:13

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