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Doctor Arak reveals that patients with severe heart valve stenosis require urgent surgery. Good to have a gold card

Dr. Arak found a case of a patient with a severely blocked mitral valve. Risk of heart failure Thrombosis Need urgent surgery to replace an artificial heart valve. The cost is hundreds of thousands high. Good to have a gold card

Gold Patent Today (4 Dec. 2023) Dr. Arak Wongworachat, Walailak University Medical Center Hospital Revealed via personal Facebook about treatment for patients with severe heart valve stenosis. Need urgent surgery This case is a female patient aged 47 years who has the right to receive treatment with a universal health insurance card or gold. The patient gives a history that in the past 5 years she has felt tired easily, unable to lie down, felt weak when exerting herself, and had swelling all over her body. Sometimes I cough up blood. It won’t work.

Dr. Arak also revealed that The patient gave a history that At night I could hardly sleep, my breathing was difficult. I went to many places for treatment, giving medicine to treat the symptoms, but it didn’t get better until I consulted a doctor at the medical center hospital. Walailak University who sent him to consult a doctor specializing in cardiac surgery The results of a detailed physical examination revealed that the patient had severe mitral valve stenosis, severe mitral stenosis from rheumatic fever. When I was young causing chronic heart valve inflammation and eventually become constricted

In addition, doctors also found that The patient also has a large blood clot in the left atrium. If left untreated, besides being tired, Already have heart failure There is still a chance that blood clots in the brain can easily occur, possibly from a stroke (stroke) from (cerebral emboli).

Doctors therefore recommend that patients undergo artificial heart valve replacement surgery. If left untreated, life-threatening complications can easily occur. The surgery was successful. Surgery for this kind of disease is expensive, more than 200,000 baht, but the patient has a gold patent. Protection according to benefits Therefore, patients do not have to accept expenses.

Dr. Arak also revealed a picture before the patient’s chest x-ray. Before and after inserting a prosthetic heart valve Pictured after the artificial heart valve was inserted. You will see a white ring.

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