Do you want to sleep better? This advice seems to work for (almost) everyone

If you can’t sleep well and you have already tried (almost) all of them, you still have one chance: try to put this advice into practice.

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up often during the night? Do you sleep badly and wake up feeling unrested? You could solve everything by constantly starting to practice this advice which apparently really works.

Sleeping well is one of the ingredients for a healthy, long and happy life. It can affect your body weight, and when you go to sleep it can determine how you manage the rest of your day. If you’re having trouble sleeping, a very practical solution is exercise. (Read also: because sleep also affects body weight)

In 2015, a meta-analysis (hence a comparison of the results of multiple researches) to investigate the benefits of physical activity for those suffering from insomnia, or rest badly. From this meta-analysis it clearly emerged that those who perform physical activity in general sleep better, but there are several factors that can increase this result.

While all forms of sports appear to improve sleep quality, do at least do it 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (therefore without going into oxygen deficit) can give the first results. However, exercising at least 3 times a week greatly improves the benefits. Of course, if you don’t have the ability to train often, you can still benefit from one sporadic session per week. It will even be enough walk brisklyjog or cycle for 30 minutes.

Endurance sports – such as bodybuilding – also have positive effects on sleep quality, but there is less data on them and therefore no cause-and-effect correspondence can be drawn as clear-cut as with aerobic exercise.

But why does exercise help you sleep?

The truth is that a single answer has not yet arrived, scientific research has not yet found a direct correlation, but there are various theories.

The first is linked to a substance, the melatoninthat our body releases when we are tired and that causes that sweet sensation that it’s time to go to bed. Exercise would cause our body to release melatonin earlier, making us fall asleep more easily.

Another explanation is related to an internal temperature change. It is no mystery that when we do sports the body overheats; but once the exercise is over, our body returns to a more stable temperature. This change in temperature makes it easier for us to fall asleep.

Finally, exercising releases oxytocin, a hormone linked to our good mood. By releasing physical tension and improving our mood, sport helps us sleep better. In addition, oxytocin reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression, two conditions known to worsen the quality and ability of sleep.

Now that you know how useful it is to play sports to sleep, all you have to do is fasten your shoes and start training consistently. Remember, a regular routine is the best way to get plenty of sleep and wake up refreshed.

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